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SINCE 2008

We are seasoned investors with a keen focus on the vast opportunities in India's technology sector. Our mission is to support trailblazing innovators who venture into uncharted territories and explore ideas with the potential to disrupt traditional ecosystems. Our investment portfolio spans diverse industries, including Fintech, Consumer, B2B, Software, and Hardware, among others, all targeting the Indian market. Each year, we aim to make 10 to 12 strategic investments.


Our journey in venture investing began in 2008 as private investors and evolved into Orios Venture Partners in 2013. We are part of three unicorns and several other large stories. Survival, scaling, hiring, shoestring-marketing, pivoting, firefighting, acquisitions offshoring, etc, we have been through them all with our companies.

In addition to financial backing, we go the extra mile by providing all our invested companies access to our 'Founders for Founders' #Misfits Program. This program is specially designed to nurture and support founders by fostering a collaborative community and enabling knowledge exchange.


Together, we strive to build a thriving ecosystem where visionary entrepreneurs can flourish and make a lasting impact on India's technology landscape.

Portfolio Companies

Decoding Exits #2023


Black swans and Volatility have appended the market dynamics for the VC industry. Orios annual day looked at key trends and focussed on how the all-important exit strategy should be handled.


Watch the videos below for insights on how companies should think of exits. Why do VC’s need to revisit their classic strategy, how to build a successful consumer brand, and much more!

Startups Need To Focus On Giving Investors Staggered Exits

Rehan, our Managing Partner discusses the uncertain and volatile environment created by a series of black swan events in the past 3 years, and how startups need to pivot to giving investors exits in tranches.

“Early stage startups don’t have a funding winter, so resilient is India”, says Madhur Singhal

Madhur Singhal, CEO of Praxis Global Alliance delves into data-led insights about India’s prominence in the face of global macro headwinds.