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The India Tech Unicorn & Exits Report: 2023

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In 2023, Indian startups collectively secured $8.2 billion in funding, marking a significant 72% decrease from the robust $25 billion raised in 2022. This downtrend signals a notable shift in funding dynamics, moving away from the growth-at-all-costs model. Concurrently, 2023 witnessed Unicorns prioritizing profitability, with 23 of them now operating in the green. This profitability trend sets the stage for IPOs, as evidenced by reports indicating that 13 Unicorns are planning to go public in 2024. From taking 8.4 years in 2022, to now taking only 5.5 years in 2023 shows the abundant support available in form of mentorship and capital for the founders.

In our 6th Annual India Tech Unicorn and Exits Report, we have compiled the story from many angles, such as:
  • Biggest sectors
  • Largest exits
  • Female Unicorn Founders
  • Number of years to turn unicorn
  • Unicorn IPOs
  • Profitable Unicorns

       and much more....



November 7, 2023

Bimaplan secures $3.5 million in fresh funding from Orios & others

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